The following resources are prepared for use with the different campaigns being run by Lawyers for Liberty:

Campaign: #SafeReturn2School – No to mandatory testing and face coverings in schools
1. This is the anonymous letter that Lawyers for Liberty will send on your behalf
2. This is the letter template that you can adapt to send directly to the Headteacher of your school regarding your request for assurances around the safe return of your child to the school environment. It also includes a statement regards you not providing Informed Consent.
3. This is an extract from the open letter to Government Ministers from UK Medical Freedom Alliance, specific to children and mask wearing. Please attach this to your email when you send the Headteacher Letter Template (2)

The campaign letters reflect the opinion of the author only. The letters should not be taken as being comprehensive or authoritative in any manner to any particular case or situation or set of facts.. Each case will depend upon it’s own facts and the law must be interpreted and applied to the facts of each individual case. We make no representation and offer no assurances about the contents of the letters or the applicability to any one case. The letters do not give, nor are they intended to give, any legal advice. Anyone wanting to send one of the campaign letters does so for their own purposes.  We do not assume or accept any liability or responsibility for the contents of the letters or any action you may wish to take by sending one. Nothing in the letters will be deemed to create, nor do we accept, any solicitor and client relationship.